Tuesday, March 8, 2016

In Limbo

To answer your question: I am still here,
Sitting on the same edge of the same raggedy chair,
Ignoring bits of leather flaking off its skin
Onto dropped shoulders clouded by unwashed hair.
Worry not, I stay surrounded by recreation -
So I keep well; there is no need to despair;
I have known worse, so I know what to make of this,
With that last dark past I couldn't possibly compare -
That was hopelessness, but I've remitted my sin,
This is emptiness at best, to be completely fair.
I was dealt a generous hand, so I would not complain;
Blame the stagnancy taking a toll on my welfare.
It's just that you think you've left that dark place behind,
But it finds new ways to creep up on you everywhere.
So to answer your question, I'm still all here,
But it gets morbid in here, so I remain in prayer.

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