Monday, August 31, 2009

The power of silence

It was that unusual dread,
As the awkward quiet engulfed the air,
As I stood there with my arms spread,
And they walked away, with no love to spare.
It was over. The silence told me so.

And so began the saga of sorrows,
The dominance of pain, the vengeance of foes,
While standing with a foot on my chest
Remained the power of silence.

Silence forced me into solitude.
It told me of my misfit ways
Unaccepted by society
And represented, yet again, by that quiet
That I dreaded so much
How I longed for a touch
Of sound, of belonging…

And so continued the saga of sorrow,
Of pain, of a heart left hollow,
While crushing me with its full force
Ruled the power of silence.

At many a time, I am accused,
Judged, misunderstood, or perhaps simply used.
I console myself, and justify their offense.
Let them have the benefit of doubt,
Since my only defense
Is silence.

But today is a different day
As I seek refuge under this tree,
The same quiet gives me a peace of mind
And I proceed to conquer the inner me,
I gain self-knowledge, a bliss, an ecstasy,
The cage is open, and I’m set free.
Such is the power of silence.

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