Monday, August 31, 2009

What is God?

Who is God? I asked myself one day.
What is it that the word means?
Does it stand for some superior Personality,
Abundant in Extravagance, in Divinity,
Or simply the meaning of true Felicity?

I believe God is nature.
For nature gives birth to life itself,
As easily as it may take it away.
It is the Perfect,
The ideal for us imperfect creatures.
Hence, God is nature.

I believe God is truth.
For “the truth shall set you free.”
In a world of images, of relativity,
We crave the impossible, the Absolute.
Hence, God is truth.

I believe God is the mind,
To me, my mind; to you, yours.
For the mind is the undefeatable,
And potentially infinite in capacity.
It conceives the inconceivable,
And remains, to date, incomprehensible,
A power we are yet to completely find.
Hence, God is the mind.

Therefore, for me God is science.
For science reveals the Ultimate Truth,
The mysteries of nature,
And the aptitude of our minds.
God is science.

God, I then realized, is just a name,
An idea, a concept;
A synonym for your answer to every question.
In essence, the solution.
A potential Creator,
A possible Sustainer,
An inevitable Destroyer.

God is what you truly believe in.

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