Monday, August 31, 2009

Yet again...

I looked down at my face
reflected in the puddle of water
Staring at a stranger
submerged in a pool of sin,
of regrets, of mistakes...
lost in the surrounding din
of temptations;
ignorant of a thousand sensations...

when suddenly a cheery drop
distorted my puddle,
and what followed after
was a shower of solutions;
as the rain swirled down
glistening leaves
cleansing all in its way,
purging me, it seems,
of all such thoughts, and leaving
behind, a new ray
of fresh hope.

I couldn't tell if this ripple
in my puddle of glum
was the rain of Mother Nature
or the flow of my own emotions;
caused by the cloudy skies
or my betrayal of all devotions
that I held close to my heart.
I wished tomorrow would be a new day,
and for many, a fresh new start.

But in vain.
I long for another sign,
for clearance of my mind,
yet again, bless me, with solutions.
Yet again.

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